Belgian Transplant Registry (BTR)

Stem cell transplantation is the appropriate treatment for several patients with severe malignant (>95%) and benign (<5%) haematological diseases. Data concerning these transplantations are being registered by all European centers in a central database managed by the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT). In Belgium, 22 recognized transplantation centers are part of the EMBT.
In 2012, the Belgian Transplant Registry (BTR) was established with support of the Foundation against Cancer (Stichting tegen Kanker/ Fondation contre le Cancer) and in close collaboration with the Belgian Haematological Society. The coordination of the BTR is carried out by the Belgian Cancer Registry (BCR).
The BCR uses the data collected in the EBMT central database to evaluate the quality of the Belgian transplantation centers or to respond to various research questions (such as volume – outcome).