Innovative Radiotherapy Techniques


The 'Innovative Radiotherapy Techniques' registrationproject is an initiative of the 'Rijksinstituut voor ziekte- en invaliditeitsverzekering' (National Institute for Sickness and Invalidity Insurance) (RIZIV/INAMI) in association with the radiotherapy services that use the following innovative radiotherapy techniques: Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) and Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI) and Boost.


The main objective of this registration study and the limited early research funding is to examine the conditions under which and the fee for which innovative radiotherapy techniques will be included in the nomenclature for the medical services.


Radiotherapy departments that want to participate in this project must sign the convention that the centre received from the RIZIV/INAMI. By signing this document they agree to treat patients from pre-determined target groups with the innovative radiotherapy techniques cited and also register the necessary clinical data, for a period of four years via temporary research funding. The clinical data must be registered by the radiotherapy service after the treatment in one of the online registration modules specially developed by the Belgian Cancer Registry for this purpose: the SBRT module or the APBI and Boost module. 


These registration modules have been available online since October 2013 in the WBCR online application for cancer registration, and include registrations of all malignant tumours that were treated using one of these innovative radiotherapy techniques.


The specific registration form 'Innovative radiotherapy – SBRT' or 'Innovative radiotherapy – ABPI and Boost' contains an overview of the variables to be registered.

The Belgian Cancer Registry sent an introductory letter containing practical information about the 'Innovative Radiotherapy Techniques' project to all radiotherapy services that signed the convention.

Detailed practical information about how to participate in the 'Innovative Radiotherapy Techniques' project - after signing the convention - can be found in the manual.

Further explanation about the applicable nomenclature numbers can be found here.

Both registration modules for this project are available in English and accessible to all WBCR users.