The RALP project is an initiative of the Belgian Association of Urology (BAU) and the National Institute for Sickness and Invalidity Insurance (Rijksinstituut voor ziekte- en invaliditeitsverzekering) (RIZIV/INAMI). It concerns an evaluation of the outcome and Quality of Care in robot-assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy, a minimal invasive form of surgery for treating prostate cancer.

 Hospitals that want to participate in this project must sign the agreement. This is available on the RIZIV website (Care providers > Individual care providers > Implant providers > Information per theme > Reimbursement of material for a robot-assisted radical prostatectomy - Agreement).

The module consists of a registration form for a new diagnosis and a registration form for follow-up. Both forms must be completed using the online application for cancer registration: the WBCR (RALP module).


The RALP registration module is only accessible to urologists and is available exclusively in English.