Stereotactic radiotherapy


Since January 1st, 2020, four new prestations for stereotactic radiotherapy have been included in the nomenclature (category 4 bis). In order to be able to charge these new prestations, there is a condition of compulsory registration with the Belgian Cancer Registry.


These prestations include the treatment of:

      • Intracerebral lesions: brain tumours, brain metastases, and arteriovenous malformation.
      • Extracerebral lesions: primary tumours and (oligo)metastases (limited to a maximum of 5 lesions).

More information about these prestations and the criteria to be met, can be found on the website of the RIZIV / INAMI.


This registration project is available online from May 2020 and includes all patients for whom one or more SRT treatments were performed since January 1st, 2020. Complete registrations for all SRT treatments should be delivered yearly by June 30th for SRT treatments in the previous year.

Registrations can be delivered to the BCR in two ways:

  • Via the Web Based Cancer Registration (WBCR) application of the Belgian Cancer Registry (project module SRT). More information about the usage of this application is available in the SRT WBCR manual.



  • In batch, through a predefined format. This format and the requested order of variables is available in the 'batch file template'.  


The specific SRT registration form contains an overview of the variables to be registered.


More information about these specific variables, general project information and some "Frequently Asked Questions" will soon become available in the SRT project manual.

If you would like more information about the SRT registration project, please contact us via or via 02/212 08 55.