Registration staff can follow basic training organised by the Belgian Cancer Registry, in accordance with the Royal Decree that stipulates that training for registration staff is compulsory.

In addition to basic training, the Belgian Cancer Registry regularly organises a symposium, specifically for registration staff, during which one or more topics are highlighted.

There is also the opportunity to attend a demonstration in one's own hospital given by staff from the Belgian Cancer Registry.

Various topics are addressed during a workshop, including:


  • cancer registration: definitions and coding rules (all variables of the MOC form)
  • international classification of diseases for oncology (3rd edition)
  • exercises
  • TNM staging and other types of staging
  • registering multiple tumours
  • registering urological tumours
  • Web Based Cancer Registry (WBCR) demo

Each workshop can accommodate up to fifteen participants.

 The date of the next training is not known yet.


Would you like to take part in a workshop? Or would you like more information?

If so, contact the Belgian Cancer Registry on tel.: 02 250 10 10 or via