Transcan Eranet

ERA-NET on Translational Cancer research: HIGHCARE

The TRANSCAN-HIGHCARE project (HIGH resolution project on prognosis and CARE of cancer patients) functions within the 'European Research Area Netwerk' (ERA-Net), a European network of research institutions.

This research project is funded by the European commission within the "Seventh Framework Programme" (FP7).

The aim of this study is to map the survival of patients with a diagnosis of lung-, breast-, colon-, lymh node- or skin cancer (malignant melanoma) in different European area's in 2011-2014.

Different detailed parameters such as quality in care, adherence to guidelines, treatment choice, comorbidities, relapse,... will be taken into account.

The Belgian Cancer Registry will actively participate in this study by collecting additional information about a selection of patients which received a diagnosis of breast-or colon cancer in 2012.