Board of Directors

The board of directors of the Belgian Cancer Registry consists of:

Representatives from the Ministry     Dr. Karin De Ridder, Sciensano

of Social Affairs and Public Health.   Dr. Stephan Devriese, KCE

               Dr. Dominique de ValĂ©riola (vice-chair),                           Institut Jules Bordet    

      Dr. Anouk Waeytens, INAMI/RIZIV - Cabinet/Kabinet                            

Representative from the Ministry      Dr. Karin Haustermans 
of the Flemish Community 

Representative from the Ministry     
of the German-speaking Community 

Representative from the Ministry      
of the French Community 

Representative from the Ministry      Elise Mendes da Costa
of the Brussels-Capital Region 

Health insurance firms                       Dr. Michiel Callens (Chairman)

                                                              Dr. Alex Peltier
                                                              Dr. Carina Bonnewyn
                                                              Dr. Philiep Berkein
                                                              Dr. Ann Ceuppens
                                                              Dr. Danica Zamurovic
                                                              Dr. Hedwig Dubois
                                                              Dr. Heidi Reynders