The EFFECT project is a multi-centric prospective observational registration project for cancer of the uterus (exclusive the cervix). EFFECT is an initiative by The Anticancer Fund and representatives of Belgian gynaecologists (Groupement des Gynécologues Obstétriciens de Langue Française de Belgique – GGOLFB and the Vlaamse Vereniging voor Obstetrie en Gynaecologie – VVOG) in association with the Belgian Cancer Registry.


To acquire more uniformity in treatments for endometrial cancer in Belgium, EFFECT's aim is to assess the current quality and effectiveness of treatments for endometrial cancer in an attempt to improve the outcome of endometrial cancer.

The project is online since February 2013 and includes registrations of all malignant tumours of the uterus with an incidence date as of 01/01/2012.

The Belgian Cancer Registry sent an introductory letter (Dutch version and French version) containing practical information about the EFFECT study to all oncological coordinators and gynaecologists. The professional associations are responsible for spreading the information to all medical doctors involved in the treatment of patients with endometrial cancer (including medical oncologists and radiotherapists).

Registration staff complete the EFFECT specific cancer registration form for a new diagnosis (Dutch version and French version)and the EFFECT specific cancer registration form for registering follow-up (Dutch version and French version) data using the online application for cancer registration: the WBCR  (EFFECT module).  


The EFFECT registration module is available in French and Dutch and is accessible to all WBCR users. 

Detailed information about the EFFECT variables and the use of the online cancer registration module is available in the manual (Dutch version and French version).

 A number of 'Practical examples for EFFECT registration' (Dutch version and French version) are listed to achieve correct and unambiguous registration data. The focus is on several agreements related to registering EFFECT specific variables. These focal points can help make the EFFECT registration process as efficient as possible.



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