Information for Oncological Care Programmes


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      - Update ICD-O-3 November 2011 (improved version January 2013)
      - International Classification of Diseases of Oncology, third edition (ICD-O-3) FIRST


      o Thoracic oncology lung TNM 7th edition




          o Morphology codes of haematological malignancies WHO 2017  (Borderline)
          o Sublocalisation colon tumours 
          o Sublocalisation skin tumours
          o Urothelial cell tumours
          o Treatments NEW 2017
          o Modified groups by Berg

          o List of paired organs

    Presentations given at the symposium on Gastrointestinal malignancies on 25/11/2014:



    Information related to the 2018 round of requests: data for the incidence year 2017 (info aimed at non-WBCR users):