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Strong decline in new cancer diagnoses in April due to corona crisis in Belgium

Cancer care in Belgium was heavily affected by the corona pandemic and the necessary measures taken by the government. On March 14, 2020, all non-essential consultations, medical tests, and interventions were temporarily halted. Around this same time, population screening for breast, cervical, and colon cancer were likewise stopped.
Thanks to the expedited delivery of data by the laboratories for pathological anatomy, the Belgian Cancer Registry was able to make an initial estimate of the decline in the number of new cancer diagnoses.



We proudly present our latest publication: Cancer Burden in Belgium 2004-2017.





Door coronacrisis sterke daling van de nieuwe kankerdiagnoses in april

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Nieuwe publicatie

Met trots stellen we onze nieuwste publicatie voor: Cancer Burden in Belgium 2004-2017

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Publicatie Children and Adolescents

Cancer in Children and Adolescents – Belgium 2004-2016

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Cancer Burden in Belgium

On the occasion of her 10 years existence, the Belgian Cancer Registry has launched a new publication: Cancer Burden in Belgium.
You can find it here.


New Publication

Special Issue: Haematological Malignancies

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