Requesting specific data

 The Cancer Registry receives a high number of requests for information every year. Due to the sensitive nature of the information, the Cancer Registry has to adopt strict norms and procedures when releasing such information. The principles of confidentiality must be applied regardless of whether the information is intended for the general public, the authorities, researchers, students, the media or pharmaceutical companies etc.
The Cancer Registry is responsible for ensuring that when information is released, it is not possible for an individual (patient and/or treating physician) to be directly or indirectly identified.
You can contact the Belgian Cancer Registry for any request through We are happy to help you optimise and define your request.

  • Personal data: Any information related to a (directly or indirectly) an identified or identifiable natural person (name, address, combination of factors etc.).
  •  Coded personal details: personal data that does not include any element that could be used to directly or indirectly identify the person and which is assigned a code as the only way of linking the person concerned to the information. This still constitutes personal data.
  • Anonymous data: data than can never be linked (directly or indirectly) to the person concerned and thus does not or no longer constitutes personal data.
  • Aggregated data: Anonymous data, which results from merging individual data, stripped of any identifiers and any details that could lead to an individual's identification due to their combination. Such data could be merged according to specific criteria (e.g. age, gender and diagnosis, etc.)