: First large-scale study on quality of life after cancer

: Survival rates of patients with bone or soft tissue tumours increase in people over 40

: Due the COVID-19 crisis sharp drop in new cancer diagnoses in April

: Catch-up of missing diagnoses by COVID-19 seems to be stagnating

: Survival rates for cancer patients have been rising faster in recent years than before

: Prevalence of cancer: first figures available for Belgium

: 4,000 fewer cancer diagnoses than normal in Belgium in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but catch-up is hopeful

: Survival rates of children with cancer continue to rise

: The Belgian Cancer Registry publishes cancer survival figures for the first time in Belgium

: Sustained improvement in survival of patients with haematological malignancies in Belgium

: Half of cancers in Belgium affect people over 70

: What will you find on our new website?

Belgian Cancer Registry (BCR) is proud to announce the launch of its new website. Explore the different sections of our website to learn…

: An estimated 5,000 expected cancer diagnoses not yet made because of the COVID-19 pandemic

: By 2025, the risk of cancer is almost as high in women as in men